PDP Sealed Water Cooled Brushless Alternator 70 series

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Never need to clean out or change your brushes on your alternator again or replace it over and over due to muddy river crossings getting inside the alternator. This alternator is a direct replacement for your existing alternator whilst tapping into the factory hoses. 

The PDPSA70B water-cooled alternator is designed for prolonged service in extremely dusty, wet and corrosive environments. The alternator components are completely sealed in IP68 rated housings. The alternator is water-cooled by connection to the engine coolant system. The alternator housings are constructed from various corrosion resistant materials and coatings. The alternator mounts directly on to the O/E engine brackets and uses the O/E drive belt. The alternator coolant circuit is connected to the O/E cabin-heater circuit. No other modifications of the engine coolant system are required. The alternator is connected to the battery via a continuous cable that exits the alternator via an IP68 gland. This electrical connection arrangement eliminates any electrolysis at the alternator. The PDPSA70 alternator resolves the existing problems that arise from using the O/E Toyota alternator in severe mining duty and harsh environmental conditions.

The sealed alternator has a built in regulator and does not use or require the intelligent charging control signal generated by the ECU as used by the factory alternator as it is able to deliver maximum rated charge as shown in the graph under all operating conditions. The sealed alternator comes as a complete kit to replace the factory alternator which includes all the hardware to mount the alternator, the hoses and fittings to connect to the factory cooling system, the wiring to connect into the factory harness and battery and installation instructions.

The sealed alternator comes with a manufacturers warranty 12months or 50,000kms (whichever comes first). The warranty covers the replacement of only a faulty alternator and or any parts provided with the kit should the situation arise.