PDP Custom V8 Cruiser Boost/EGT Gauges + PDP Pillar Pod DIY kit

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Our Custom V8 Cruiser Boost & EGT gauges have been custom designed in house. 

These are VDO gauges (biggest gauge manufacturer in the world) so you can be assured of a quality gauge backed by a 2 year warranty. 

PDP Moulded pillar pod that suits 2 x gauges and painted to suit your interior. Handle screws back in place for that factory look. 

Available for late dash Landcruiser 2009 onwards. If you are unsure if you have an early or late dash, please email us a photo. Not available for the 10/2016 onwards MY17 Single cab DPF model due to airbags in the pillar.  

They offer real time feedback of what is going on and the added feature of EGT to see how the engine operates to the given driving conditions 

Safety in the corner of your eye giving you piece of mind. If the gauges and Unichip are installed by us, we include EGT Protection FREE with the package. This is part of our “PDP Touring Package”.

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