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Safari designs and produces the ultimate selection when it comes to snorkels for your 4X4. Australian-made and Australian-manufactured, the Safari snorkel range comprises the much sought-after ARMAX snorkel as well as the traditional VSPEC snorkel range. Whichever type you choose, the complete portfolio of Safari snorkels sold at Perth Diesel Performance feature stainless steel mounting hardware and EDPM-moulded rubber connection hoses – this is a brand created to withstand the hardest of use in the tough Aussie environment. From sand and dust to blasting along mud tracks and fording rivers and streams, a Safari snorkel allows your engine to breathe in pretty much any type of driving conditions.


Safari has snorkels to fit virtually every make and model of 4WD. They’ve been tailor-designed through an in-depth research and development program, with upgrades and updates integrated as technology advances. Safari’s range of ARMAX snorkels is their latest addition and ensures your ride has an increased airflow to the airbox, wherever off-road you might venture. Every model is made from tough materials that are designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle. When it comes to performance, durability and the smoothest of appearances, it’s got to be a Safari snorkel every time…


Where are Safari snorkels made?

They’re designed and manufactured in Australia and made from Australian materials. The company has been in business since 1981 and has carved out a well-deserved reputation as being the premium supplier of snorkels and other related 4WD products.

What’s the difference between a regular Safari snorkel and an ARMAX snorkel?

Safari’s traditional snorkels are high-performing, long-lasting models that raise the point of airflow intake to ensure that no water, dust, sand or other debris enters the engine. The ARMAX snorkel range is the latest addition and features a larger air ram and wider body. This further increases the airflow and is designed for when even higher performance is wanted.

How long do Safari snorkels last?

Safari snorkels are made from the most advanced, durable materials that are designed for the harshest conditions. They come with a lifetime guarantee – in other words, if your vehicle is still running, the Safari snorkel will still be working as expected – or they’ll replace it for free…

Will Safari snorkels fade in the sun?

No, they’ve been designed with the harsh UV rays of the Australian sun in mind. Whether you choose a traditional or ARMAX snorkel, you can rest assured that it’s been made from the most robust, UV-rated material designed to retain its shape and colour for the longest time – and is rated to withstand temperatures of over 100o Celsius.

What is the refund policy if I buy a Safari snorkel from Perth Diesel Performance?

We comply with all distance selling regulations. If your purchase arrives damaged or is faulty we ask that you contact us to instigate a return/replacement. If you change your mind, then products can be returned (at your cost) in the original packaging and undamaged and we will provide a refund. We ask that you contact us before sending any product back to us so we can begin the refund process.