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Whether you’re heading into the bush, need powerful sporting lights, switching options or simply want the best driving lights for your ride, look no further than the extensive Lightforce range. From plug-and-play Lightforce Spotlights to LED utility lights and everything in between, Lightforce products are designed to the highest quality. Lightweight yet tough, Lightforce lights are suitable for cars, trucks, 4X4s, ATVs, motorbikes and more. Need advice on Lightforce Spotlights? Give us a call on 08 9303 9720 for friendly professional advice from our expert team.


Australian-owned and operated, Lightforce has long been regarded as the country’s leading supplier of all things light-related. Their revolutionary use of high-tech proprietary plastic casings has set a new industry benchmark for strength and longevity. This, in combination with unrivalled product reliability and cut-through-the-darkness light output, are just a few examples of why Lightforce remains the go-to brand for outstanding light quality.

What makes the LEDs in Lightforce Spotlights better than those from other companies?

Every LED production run creates chips of differing variants. The greater the variation, the lower the light performance and colour rendering. We filter every single LED chip to ensure that only the highest grades are used to make Lightforce products. This, in combination with using a warmer colour temperature of 5,000K, guarantees that every Lightforce Spotlight (indeed, all our LED lighting options) is uniformly superior and reliable.

Are Lightforce lights really the brightest on the market?

In a word, yes. This is because our production methods adhere to the laws of physics – not the latest advertising hype. Don’t believe the trend that blue—almost purple—light that surpasses the 6,000K range creates the most penetrating beam. This is simply not true, and, in reality, the opposite applies. In other words, the lower the K rating, the brighter the output. Our products are designed with performance in mind, as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon of crazy marketing tricks…