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Collection: Toyota Hilux Accessories & Performance Upgrades

Toyota Hilux Accessories & Performance Upgrades
The beauty and lines of the Toyota Hilux are matched by its incredible torque and power. Often referred to as, ‘The best Ute in the world’, its fans wax lyrical about reliability, durability and its suitability for so many different uses. Whether you want to tour, tow or beast through the toughest outback terrain, the Hilux delivers on every level. A few aftermarket performance upgrades and accessories will elevate an already awesome vehicle into the upper echelons of incredible – something that Perth Diesel Performance can help you achieve.

Toyota Hilux Accessories & Performance Upgrades

Whether your goal is increased power, improved fuel efficiency, better towing capabilities or you want to transform your ride into a fully self-sufficient off-grid masterpiece, we’ve got your back. All the accessories and performance upgrades we stock is designed specifically for the tough Aussie environment. Indeed, many are made on Australian soil by Australian companies. From aftermarket exhaust systems to suspension upgrades, battery-to-battery chargers, snorkels and other off-roading accessories, we’ve got everything necessary to carry out the ultimate Toyota Hilux modifications.


What are some of the best modifications for a Toyota Hilux?

There’s a whole host of options, but some of the most popular accessories and mods include a turbocharger upgrade, adding a winch, upgrading to a performance exhaust, a snorkel, beefing up suspension and remapping the ECU.

How does a snorkel work and does it improve the performance of a Toyota Hilux?

A snorkel raises the air intake inlet of the exhaust. This prevents water, dust and debris from being sucked into the engine when being driven in tough conditions. Examples of when a snorkel is needed include driving in dusty environments (hello, dirt roads), fording creeks and any other off-road driving where debris is thrown up by the vehicle wheels. If you plan to use your Hilux for anything more than normal road driving, then the addition of a snorkel should be one of the first performance upgrades to consider.

Why should I upgrade the exhaust on a Toyota Hilux?

Toyota’s factory-fitted exhausts are perfectly serviceable. But installing a high-end aftermarket system is a performance upgrade that’ll transform your ride from being simply great, to a power-fuelled, torque-tastic driving experience that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear. OK, so even if you don’t really understand the concept of torque, we promise that once you slide behind the wheel and put your upgraded Hilux through its paces, you’ll notice the difference. Great exhaust systems breathe a new lease of life, increasing power and, quite literally, upscaling what happens when you push that pedal to the metal…

Can Perth Diesel Performance help me with an external lighting rig up?

We certainly can – and we stock a huge range of options and Toyota Hilux accessories. From Beast driving lights to illuminate the darkest of environments though to LED camping strip lights and other lighting accessories, we can tailor-create the right set-up to suit your requirements.

What’s the best winch setup for a Toyota Hilux?

It all depends on what you intend to haul. One example of a high-quality winch range that we stock are those made by Runva. These are ideal for the heaviest of loads – plus we can advise on other complementary accessories, including MaxTrax ropes, winch rings, shackles and rope extensions. Give our specialist team a call or drop us an email and we can craft the perfect winch system for your needs.

Does Perth Diesel Performance provide fitting guides?

We only sell proven, high-end accessories and products that represent exceptional value for money. Toyota Hilux mods demand such quality – and as such, everything comes with fitting guides. As a provider, we’re also post articles and videos to help our customers understand more about Toyota Hilux performance upgrades and what and how to action this on their 4x4. Check out our advice page and check back often as we regularly add updated content.

How can I make my Toyota Hilux or 4x4 sound better?

Adding an upgraded exhaust system will do this. Accessories like a wider diameter pipe, performance header or a catalytic converter will give that growling, meaty sound you desire. And you’ll get the added benefit of more engine power too…