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Want to ramp up the power of your turbo diesel vehicle? Perth Diesel Performance stocks a wide range of HPD parts – a brand that’s considered by experts to be the ultimate choice for high-performance engine modification. HPD has led the way for many years, thanks to their talented in-house development and research team who constantly evaluate, re-invent and re-design elements as new technology emerges. As a leading Australian distributor for everything related to turbo diesel upgrades, we offer a wide range of the company’s top-quality products. This includes HPD catch cans and HPD front mount intercoolers to suit 4X4s, off-roaders and commercial vehicles of all makes and models.


One of the most important additions to a high-performance turbo diesel engine is a diesel catch can. While it might not directly add power or engine noise, what this vital upgrade does is alleviate engine issues caused by ever-increasingly strict emission regulations. Fitting an HPD catch can prevents soot that’s recirculated into the engine from causing premature deposit build-up. Another example of a valuable upgrade is an HPD front mount intercooler, which adds crucial power output to your ride.


What products does HPD manufacture?

HPD has developed a wide range of parts that are all designed to increase turbo diesel engine performance. This includes HPD catch cans to fit every make and model of vehicle, from Prado to Landcruiser, Navara to Ranger, Hilux and more. Other examples include front mount intercoolers, transmission coolers, turbo upgrade kits and more.

What is the advantage of fitting an HPD catch can?

A catch can fits between the breather and the intake and is designed to capture sticky, sooty deposits and prevent them from clogging up the intake. This has become an ever-growing problem as strict emission policies require the re-entry of sooty exhaust gases back into the engine to be reburned. The soot in this gas mixes with the oil contained in the air from the crankcase, causing stubborn deposits that will, if not prevented from entering the intake, cause premature engine degradation. Adding an HPD diesel catch effectively filters this air through stainless steel mesh filters, thus removing the risk of expensive intake cleaning and ensuring the smooth passage of air.

Are HPD products suitable for the Australian environment?

HPD is an Australian company with an in-house research and design team who well know the issues that the Aussie weather can play on high-performance engines. Whether you’re heading into the outback for some bush-bashing, loading up for a camping trip, towing horses to an event or need the ultimate power and reliability for your long-distance rig, you can rest assured that every HPD upgrade part is tailor-designed with our tough climate in mind.

What guarantee do HPD products come with?

All HPD diesel engine products come with a firm 12-month guarantee and full technical support from the factory if needed.

What tools and parts do I need to install an HPD diesel catch can?

All HPD products, from catch cans to everything else, come with everything that’s needed to install them. Another advantage is that, in most cases, little or no modification to the engine will be needed to fit the part.