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Whether you’re hitting the outback for a bit of solitude camping, ripping up the dirt roads in your 4X4, enjoying the van life vibe or need for power control for any mobile application, products don’t come much better than the REDARC range. From electric brake controllers to smart battery monitors - and everything in between – you can’t get more bang for your buck than REDARC. Australia-based and manufactured, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that these electronic components are designed to withstand the harshest of environments. If you like to push your rig or 4X4 hard – or you simply want the reassurance of high quality, performance and longevity - then Perth Diesel Performance will be delighted to help you find the exact right parts for the very best build or upgrade.


Proudly waving the Aussie flag across the globe, REDARC has led the way in electronics for well over four decades. An Australian favourite, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world found out quite how good their components are. Products such as the Total Management System, TowPro range and Smart Start solenoid SBI are just a few examples of how REDARC is powering campers, off-roaders and commercial vehicles along our planet’s maze of highways, back streets and dirt tracks. Closer to home, buying REDARC in Perth or any other Aussie state is simple. Browse the extensive Perth Diesel Performance Range, click buy and your components will be winging their way to your front door before you know it.


Do REDARC products come with a decent warranty?

Of course. However, the length of the warranty depends on the component. For instance, solar products have a warranty that ranges from 2-5 years (again, each is different). All other REDARC parts have either a two or three-year warranty period.

What about tech support? Do I get this with REDARC components?

You sure do – and it’s all based in Australia. If you need any advice or help, you can ring the highly qualified and experienced technical support team. If you prefer, you can email your query. Of course, don’t forget that any REDARC produce purchased from Perth Diesel Performance can also be discussed with us. Our knowledge and passion for all things off-road, 4X4, camping etc means we can not only support you after your purchase, but our expert staff can also provide pre-sale advice about which components best suit your needs.

What components does REDARC Australia produce?

First up, all REDARC products – no matter where you purchase them – are produced right here in Oz. Hoorah for home-grown industry! The range encompasses brake controllers, battery management systems, chargers, isolators, inverters, solar power sources and more.

Do REDARC products fit all makes and models of vehicle?

Pretty much, yes. And if you’re at all unsure or want to double-check that your chosen product will fit your Landcruiser, Ranger, Navara or whatever, then just give us a call. We’re probably even more nerdy than you are about vehicles, off-roading, camping and the like – so you can be sure that you’re getting the very best advice.