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Collection: Landcruiser 300 Series Accessories & Performance Upgrades

Landcruiser 300 Series Accessories & Performance Upgrades
The 300 series Landcruiser is a beast on four wheels. It packs a pretty awesome punch right off the factory line – but as any self-respecting 4x4 owner will appreciate, it’s those personal accessories and performance upgrades that really make it sing to your personal tune. Toyota introduced the robust 300 range in 2021. It’s rugged good looks and outstanding performance are as good as ever, making it the perfect choice for touring, bush-bashing, towing or as a hybrid every day ride crossed with being the ultimate adventure vehicle.

Landcruiser 300 Series Accessories & Performance Upgrades

The choice of bespoke upgrades and accessories for a Landcruiser 300 series is extensive. Enhance performance with options such as an aftermarket exhaust, advanced airbox or an intercooler upgrade. Add an electric brake controller to improve towing control, connect eco-friendly power options to create the ultimate off-grid power or fix a snorkel to ensure unencumbered exhaust airflow as you power through the dusty outback and navigate creeks and rivers… You’ve made an outstanding choice with the purchase of a 300 series Landcruiser. Now let Perth Diesel Performance help you hone it into the unique off-road masterpiece that not only looks the business, but has the uber-performance to match…


My Landcruiser 300 series is pretty awesome already. Why do I need to carry out performance upgrades?

In short, you don’t. If you’re happy with what you’ve got, then that’s cool. However, as your off-road, camping and/or towing endeavours become more serious, you’re more than likely going to want some extra accessories and performance upgrades. Even if you don’t really understand what terms like torque and horsepower actually mean, we guarantee that modifications to improve them are instantly appreciated as soon as you hit that gas pedal.

What are the first modifications to consider if I want to up the power and drive of my 300 series?

The most popular performance upgrade is to upgrade the exhaust. We only stock and recommend proven upgrades for the Toyota 300 series, such as those made by Manta. A quality aftermarket exhaust system improves how the gases move through the system, effectively increasing both horsepower and torque. Practically, this means that you’ll have more power to play with when navigating the toughest off-road conditions. For those who tow, this extra pizzazz will be wholly appreciated, especially when hauling heavier loads or on tough surfaces.

Can I fit a snorkel to my Landcruiser 300 series?

Yes, you certainly can. It’s one of the most popular Landcruiser accessories and we recommend the awesome Safari range. We stock both Vspec and Armrax models and can advise on the right type for your vehicle and usage needs. The addition of a snorkel is often one of the first steps many people take when carrying out performance upgrades. It elevates the air intake, preventing dust and water from entering and protecting the engine as you navigate even the toughest of off-road environments.

I want to be fully independent from power. What modification options do I have?

This is a big subject but to summarise, you’ll need a variety of accessories, such as a leisure battery and some smart power additions. Perth Diesel Performance stock the wonderful Enerdrive range that includes excellent battery options, inverters, chargers, controllers and more. Our expert team can help advise on the exact setup that will suit your requirements.

Does Perth Diesel Performance offer advice on how to best upgrade my Landcruiser 300 series?

We certainly do… The easiest place to begin is to browse our in-depth articles that cover multiple modification elements, including exhaust upgrades, power upgrades, lighting upgrades, clutch upgrades and more. This section is a fab place to start and, once you have some firmer ideas, we’ll happily help guide you to the exact performance upgrades, accessories and mods that’ll upscale your ride into the bespoke off-road rig that you’ll fall in love with all over again...