PDP Fuel Filter Kit - 200 series Landcruiser- Drivers side

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Late model diesel common rails are sensitive to cheap/dirty fuel. For this reason this product is one of the first we recommend to fit to your vehicle. It is the primary defence against and a very cheap insurance against fuel contamination which could be in excess of $10,000 to repair. 

  • Designed to fit Right hand drive vehicles on the driver’s side of the vehicle to allow room for other products
  • Support brackets made locally in WA from stainless steel
  • Use ½ inch hose size
  • Dual braided hose with the extra external layer for rub resistance
  • EFI hose clamps for that guaranteed seal & no sucking air
  • Metric bolts as Toyota are all metric
  • High flow fittings
  • Designed and tested by PDP
  • 5 micron filter with a spare filter also provided

No engine lights like other cheaper kits – some cheaper kits contain smaller hose and fittings which starve the system of fuel and cause engine lights to come on

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