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Intervolt In-Vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger 25A | Lithium Ready

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Intervolt In-Vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger 25A | Lithium Ready

The Intervolt In-Vehicle DC-DC Battery Charger 25A DCC Pro was developed for the purpose of charging and maintaining any auxiliary battery in an installation where the starting battery is used as the supply source. The Intervolt DCC Pro has been designed for use in 4WDs, RVs, buses, coaches, caravans, campers or any vehicle with a 12VDC electrical system.

The Intervolt DCC Pro is a standalone power conversion device. It will manage a variety of different battery types according to their specic charging requirements. As no modification to the vehicle’s original wiring is required this ensures the manufacturer’s electrical system is not compromised in any way.

The Intervolt DCC Pro is a highly innovative product with many unique features.  It has the exibility to adapt to almost any vehicle, old or new, simple or complex with or without an ECU controlled electrical system and even allows the operator monitor the charging status from the comfort of the cabin

This product is the R2.0 Upgraded Version Featuring

  • new 3 stage solar charging methodology
  • multiple solar panels can now be utilized
  • new LiFEPO4 BMS charging functionality
  • Longer 4 mtr data cable 


Input Voltage –
• Main: 9 – 17 VDC,
• Solar Input: 27 VOC max. (open circuit – no load)

Solar Power – 250 Watts nominal (300 Watts peak)
Continuous Rating – 25 Amps @ 50°C
Current Draw –
• Charging Device: Including LED indicator <10mA
• Remote Display: With backlight off: 10mA max,
• With backlight on: 30mA max

Boost Voltage –
• Standard Lead Acid: 14.4 VDC Nominal
• Absorbed Glass Mat: 14.6 VDC Nominal
• Gelified Electrolyte: 14.2 VDC Nominal
• Lead Calcium: 14.8 VDC Nominal

Float Voltage – 13.2 VDC Nominal
Electrical Protection –
• Thermal overload shutdown – auto reset
• Electrical overload shutdown – auto reset
• Under voltage disconnect – auto re-connect
• Over voltage disconnect – auto re-connect
• Reverse polarity protection of main terminals

Environmental Protection –
• Charging Device: IP67 (internal components only)
• Remote Display: IP40 (not dust or water resistant)
Operating Temperature – -20°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity – Up to 98%
Charging Device Materials –
• Heatsink: E-Coated ADC-3 die cast aluminium
• Blue Plastics: Temperature resistant PC/ABS alloy
• Black Plastics: 15% glass reinforced PBT
• Transparent Plastics: Temperature resistant PMMA

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andrew Rankine
Intervolt review - lithium ready

I upgraded my existing intervolt unit as mine was not lithium compatible, and due to the change I made from AGM to lithium it was necessary.
This was a straight changeover which was relatively easy as I had already made the necessary mounting plates to suit my Pajero.
I am a big fan of these units, but I had problems setting up the unit as it kept throwing up error codes.
Out of frustration I left it till the following day and low and behold it was functioning normally the next morning and has been doing so ever since. I would have rated it 5 stars had I not had these error codes popping up and the frustration thereafter. I followed the instructions as per the manual but still can't explain the issues I had. Overall I am very satisfied with the unit and the price was very competitive.

Muriel Davis
Good results with Lithium

Husband had version 1 charger in our Ute but he changed both the main and auxiliary battery to Lithiums. Version 2 charges Lithium so I bought the charger as a gift and now it is fitted very pleased to say no problems so far. Installation same as version 1 but relocated to canopy with battery rather than engine bay.

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