PDP Compressor Bracket Tray

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Built to hold an ARB twin compressor

Stainless compressor tray custom built for the Dual Cab & Wagon 70 series Landcruiser.

Comes with hoses and all brackets. 

A compressor is useful to have on board to let your tyres down, refill wherever you are and to repair punctures by yourself.

Why did we put it inside the car?

What we have found when you have an externally mounted compressor is that they can experience a very harsh environment and it greatly reduces the life of the compressor. It can also be a safety issue if inside the vehicle as a stand-alone product but not mounted securely.

When securely mounted inside, it keeps the filters clean, wiring and connections clean and it is safely tucked away in a space saving position.

Also we are very weight wise at PDP, and the more we can bring to the font of the vehicle, the better, with most builds.

*Not available for the single cab or Troopy due to the hump under the front seats.

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