Tackle Any Terrain: Upgrading Your Landcruiser’s Clutch with NPC

Tackle Any Terrain: Upgrading Your Landcruiser’s Clutch with NPC

If you push your rig to the max, then we certainly don’t need to tell you how pivotal the clutch is to its performance. The name NPC when it comes to clutches might ring a few bells – and the brand is deservedly associated with the highest level of quality.

Torque, output, control, performance… Let’s dig deep into the tech behind NPC clutches – and why, if you want the very best from your Landcruiser, relying on any other brand of clutch will never allow you to achieve the full capability that your ride can provide…

How a heavy duty clutch works

The basic premise of a heavy duty performance clutch is the beefing up of a few key elements. A tougher construction increases the level of friction tolerance, damping springs are typically firmer and other elements, such as the fasteners, rivets and bushes, are also made from tougher, more advanced materials.

All of these elements combine to provide a far higher level of clamping force – and this equals improved tyre grip and the distribution of wheel power. In short, if you have a vehicle that navigates tough terrain, tows significant weight or has extensive modifications, then an upgraded aftermarket clutch is one of the best investments you can make. 

When the going gets tough…

… clutch performance is everything. Regular on-road driving rarely pushes a vehicle to the max. However, when you bring activities, such as towing, rock crawling, serious off-roading and other demanding uses to the party, then how power is transferred to the wheels becomes crucial.

NPC uses the highest quality materials in its bespoke range. There are multiple reasons for upgrading the standard factory clutch to an NPC performance one. For tough, aggressive and/or off-road use, the benefits include:

  • Enhanced performance: Gripping power increases and the clutch can handle far more torque – thus transmitting a whole lot of additional power to the wheels.
  • Improved control: By improving the transference of torque, you experience significantly more control. In real-world terms, this gives your Landcruiser the extra grip and oomph to tackle tougher scenarios. Whether it’s heading across evermore challenging rocky terrain, towing your camping rig, horse trailer or testing your driving skills navigating extreme outback terrain hundreds of kilometres away from civilisation, the extra control that a performance clutch brings isn’t just nice to have – it's pretty much essential.
  • Longevity: A standard clutch simply isn’t up to demanding scenarios. If you push such a model, it’ll simply burn out. An NPC performance clutch is designed to perform to the max, resulting in the heavy-duty lifespan that the brand is renowned for.

It’s all in the design

NPC provides a range of clutches that are tailor-designed to perform in different aggressive scenarios.

  • Want a clutch that offers a similar feel to a standard OEM clutch? The NPC Heavy duty organic range is for you.
  • NPC Super Heavy Duty kits take this a step further, elevating control and performance for serious off-roading and towing demands.
  • The NPC Heavy Duty Cushioned Ceramic range are suited to high-performance road cars in regular use.
  • For the ultimate clutch performance for rally driving, drift racing and other racing scenarios, then look no further than the NPC Heavy Duty Ceramic Button range. 

5 signs that you need to upgrade to a performance clutch

Even the newest 4x4 leaves the factory with a clutch that’s only suitable for standard use. Once you start to push your ride beyond what’s considered regular driving, there are many subtle and not-so-subtle clues that an upgrade is required.

  1. Excessive repairs or maintenance: Consistently needing readjustments or workshop care should be considered a red flag that the current vehicle clutch isn’t up to the stresses it’s being subjected to.
  2. The clutch slips or struggles to perform as you expect: It might wear out prematurely or cause other operational and driving issues.
  3. Unequal balance of power: Is there a mismatch between engine revs and acceleration? Does the clutch pedal feel a bit off? These are definitely signals that an upgrade to a performance clutch is overdue.
  4. The vehicle has been upgraded/modified: Perhaps to have more towing capacity or enhanced suspension for extreme off-roading.
  5. You simply want more power and increased performance: And that is the crux of the matter… Upgrading the clutch is a strategic move that converts an adequately performing 4x4 to one that’s off the scale!

Unless you’re an expert, the sheer scale of NPC performance clutches can feel a little overwhelming. The beauty of the brand is that they’ve created a range that’s tailor-designed for every make and model of Landcruiser (and other makes and models – not everyone has a Toyota).

Whether you need a Clutch and Billet Flywheel for a 200 series or a Combo NPC Clutch + PDP Crossover Pipe or anything in between, there’s a design specifically suited to your ride and driving requirements.

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