Goodbye, Old Faithful… Ronny Dahl’s 79 Series

There can’t be many 4x4 enthusiasts out there who aren’t familiar with Ronny’s faithful Landcruiser 79 series. It’s been a key vehicle in his off-roading arsenal for over a decade, having rolled more than 265,000 kilometres across some of the most unrelenting terrain on the planet.

And now… Ronny’s replacing it with a brand new Landcruiser.

But such an event can’t pass by without note. Indeed, the 79 is probably one of the best examples in the world of what upgrades like-minded off-roaders might want to emulate. The 10+ year 79 Series journey doesn’t only prove exactly why this Landcruiser model remains an out-an-out favourite of so many enthusiasts, but it’s also played a key role in the development of some of the mechanical products that are now sold by PDP.

The video looks at the upgrades that were carried out over the years, the many repairs that were needed, the problems found (and overcome) and – very importantly – the challenges that every 4x4 needs to face, no matter the make, model, age or even the type of use.

Whether you’re looking for tips on your next 79 series upgrade or simply want to learn what are the best aftermarket products to upgrade your ride, the video highlights the key points to look out for (and some of them really might surprise you…).

Discover more about our wide range of Landcruiser 79 series and head to the PDP performance and upgrade page now for inspiration.

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