Built Tough: Manta Exhausts for the Demanding Outback

Built Tough: Manta Exhausts for the Demanding Outback

Let’s face it… There’s no tougher environment than the Aussie outback. From searing temperatures to dust that penetrates every single crevice – not to mention the floods and quagmires of recent years – your rig needs an exhaust that can shrug off whatever Mother Nature throws at it, year in, year out.

No doubt you’ve already spent, or are planning to spend, multiple hard-earned dollars upgrading your Landcruiser to your personal specifications. (How on earth can such as great vehicle have so many rubbish OEM parts?). Many of the most desirable accessories can be found across a variety of different brands. But when it comes to exhausts vs. the outback environment? The only real choice is to head down the Manta route. 

Why Manta?

Let’s start by looking at the failures of many OEM exhaust systems and other, cheaper aftermarket options.

The biggest issues around relying on such options when you’re hitting outback trails are:

  • In most cases, the pipework isn’t made of thick enough material to cope with serious off-road abuse.
  • The brackets that hold the system in place are, at best, too flimsy. And the worst-case scenario is that this flimsiness is exacerbated by not having enough of them.

Combine this with long-distance jolting and the harshest off-road conditions and it becomes easy to understand why the lifespan of inferior exhausts is short. Even worse, as will always happen, a failure will surely occur at the most inconvenient time possible. Exploring the wild frontier that is our wonderful outback becomes nowhere near as much fun when you’re stuck hundreds of kilometres from the nearest help… (Trust us, we know from personal experience. And let’s not even start on whether or not you have a sat phone or radio with you…).

So, what’s the Manta difference?

Well, let’s start with materials and move on from there…

The pipework of Manta exhausts is only made from top-quality metals

Choose from either aluminised steel or stainless steel. Both options are, at the very least, an impressive 1.6 mm thick. Only by making the pipework of the exhaust this tough is it guaranteed to stand up to everything that the outback environment can throw at it. Naturally, only the highest grade of steel is used for fabrication to ensure longevity.

Aluminised steel is coated on both the outside and inside with - you guessed it – aluminium and is a great defence against corrosion. The Manta stainless steel exhaust options are designed with long-term reliability in mind. So much so that they come with a ball-busting 10-year guarantee. Yep, you read that correctly, 10 years!

However, if you don’t have the budget to splash out on this uber-level of exhaust - or, indeed, you don’t intend to keep your set up for a decade or more – then the aluminised steel exhausts come with a (still very impressive) two-year guarantee. Plus, Manta knows that their exhausts are going to be used in the most brutal of conditions, meaning you won’t have any issues with the warranty not covering you for off-road use.

Then there’s the fixing brackets

There’s absolutely no point having an exhaust system that’s the dog’s doo daas if it’s not mounted to within an inch of its life. Manta’s fixing brackets are made of stern stuff. They’ll hold the system in place no matter what the terrain and how long you drive it. Plus, they very handily match up with the placement of the factory mounts, making them a piece of cake to fit.

And talking of fitting…

Your Landcruiser (or other 4x4) has a very particular pattern of exhaust. Manta exhaust systems have been carefully designed to mirror this. The mounting points are the same and they follow precisely the same path on the underside of the vehicle. Therefore, when it comes to fitting, you simply remove the original and bolt the Manta replacement into its place.

Even more amazingly, Manta exhaust systems will more than likely fit around any aftermarket fuel tanks or accessories that you have already put in place or will do in the future. In short, if the original Toyota exhaust system on your Landcruiser worked with any upgrades or additions, then a Manta one will as well.

Buy Manta off-the-shelf or customise at will

Manta produces a wide range of these plug-n-play exhaust systems. However, this home-grown Aussie company knows that many rig owners want to go over and above standard. The range offers a wide variety of customisation options, including:

  • A range of pipe sizes (from 2.24” to 4”).
  • Hotdog resonators.
  • Multiple muffler options.
  • High-flow catalytic converters.
  • Exhaust tips.

And much more…

Or, for the truly unique, the company will source or tailor and manufacture any bespoke exhaust system or item that you desire.

Manta exhaust systems are, quite simply, the best option for longevity, reliability and durability. From the Landcruiser 79 Series VDJ 79 Dual Cab 4.5L to those for the V8 Wagon and everything in between, there simply aren’t any better exhaust systems on the market.

As a leading supplier of the very best accessories for Landcruisers and other off-roaders, Perth Diesel Performance has everything you need for the ultimate aftermarket setup. Check out our range today.


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