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TJM Large Recovery Kit

TJM Large Recovery Kit

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Pre-release - available mid - late March

Vehicle recovery is all part of travelling off-road, not the sign of a journey gone wrong. To be fully equipped for whatever lies ahead, 4WD travellers and their 4x4 should always be prepared to perform a snatch or winch recovery to extract a vehicle in need. The TJM Heavy Duty Recovery Kit has everything you need – partnered with your rated recovery points and/or recovery winch – to perform almost all types of vehicle recoveries confidently and safely. Inside its durable gear bag is an 11T snatch strap, a 10T equaliser strap, a 6T winch extension strap, a 10T snatch block with instruction booklet, two 16mm bow shackles, two 19mm bow shackles, a recovery blanket with instruction booklet and a pair of recovery gloves – as well as a handy snatch strap safety guidelines booklet. Remember, to ensure a safe snatch strap recovery, it’s recommended that the minimum breaking strength of the strap should be 2-3 times the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of the lightest vehicle.

Kit contents 1 x TJM 8T Snatch Strap
1x TJM 8T Equaliser Strap
1x TJM 6T Winch Extension Strap
6 x Strap keepers
1 x Snatch Strap Safety Guidelines
2 x TJM 16mm Bow Shackles
1x Pair TJM Recovery Gloves
1x TJM 10T Snatch Block
1x Snatch Block Instructions Guide
1x TJM Recovery Blanket
1x Recovery Blanket Instructions Guide
1 x TJM Large Gear Bag
8T snatch strap details 8,000kg minimum breaking strength, 9m (L) x 75mm (W)
8T equaliser strap details 8,000kg minimum breaking strength, 3m (L) x 75mm (W)
6T winch extension strap details 6,000kg minimum breaking strength, 20m (L) x 60mm (W)
10T snatch block details 10,000kg working load limit, 11.1mm (7/16”) max rope/cable size
16mm bow shackle working load limit 3,250kg