Taipanxp Catch Can - 70 series

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The most common fault we see is the mixing of the oil mist with the EGR particulate which causes a black tar sludge which builds up in the intake ports and manifold. The Oil to Air separator is fitted between the engine breather and the air intake

As the engine fumes pass through the separator the heavier oil separates because it is heavier than the gas which is carrying it. The oil falls to the bottom of the tank where it is collected for draining at normal service intervals via a small drain plug.

Inside the separator is a filter and baffles which is the main difference between this product and other cheaper “catch cans” in the market. This filter and baffle ensures the oil mist can’t remix with the fumes entering back into the engine.

The catch can comes with a 10 year warranty. We recommend changing the o-ring inside which seals the can and the stainless steel gauze every 2- 3 years or 40,000kms. These service kits are available to purchase from us. 

On the 70 series V8 Landcruiser, the catch can mounts down on the Left Hand side chassis rail near the left hand front wheel to keep your engine bay free for dual battery & compressor set ups. 

***Please advise if you have a single cab dpf model as the catch can is different for these models. ***

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