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PDP 200 series 2016+ Deluxe Dual Battery System

PDP 200 series 2016+ Deluxe Dual Battery System

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PDP Deluxe Dual Battery System suits all 200 series Landcruisers

Deluxe Kit option includes everything you need to add an Auxiliary battery to Your 200 series- along with the SBI link to allow battery linking should you flatten your Main battery.We supply a 200 series style switch to keep it all looking factory spec.

Anderson solar input

we also include an upgraded switch panel with 4 additional switch locations (perfect for the Sahara models)

Please advise us if your vehicle is a Facelift model to ensure you receive the correct switch

Options Available

Basic Kit

This Kit is Perfect for those that already have a dual battery equipped 200 series - this will allow you to have one "house" battery and an dedicated Aux battery.

BCDC1225D pre-wired on Our Stainless bracket with Solar input (no battery link option or Tray)

SBI Link

This is an add-on to allow battery linking for the basic kit- every thing you need to momentarily link your House battery to your Aux battery is included.