MY17 Toyota Gearbox, NPC 1300 clutch, Crossover Pipe Combo

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  • MY17 Toyota Gearbox (doesnt include transfer case)
  • NPC 1300nm clutch with Billet Flywheel, spigot bearing and thrust bearings 
  • PDP Crossover Pipe with new gaskets and 6 x new nuts 

Includes delivery Aus wide to metro areas (regional area surcharge may apply). 

Delivery to business addresses only and requires a forklift as gearbox is on a pallet. 



With more power & torque added to the V8 Landcruiser, the clutch is weak and will slip when put under load.

The bigger size tyre you put on the vehicle, the greater the possibility that the clutch may slip on the dyno when we are tuning it or as soon as you drive it on the road and put it under load.

With standard tyres and 33" tyres, we can make the torque curve softer and run it on a fast ramp ramp on our dyno to decrease the chances of your clutch slipping - however it is no guarantee it wont slip.

We recommend a clutch upgrade for these vehicles.

We use and recommend the NPC clutch with the 1300nm option. This clutch has a lighter pedal feel than even the factory clutch and comes with a new Billet steel flywheel.

The clutch comes with a new thrust bearing and spigot bearing and we can change your gear/transfer oils and clutch fluid on request.

Also, whilst we are fitting your clutch, you may want to purchase our crossover pipe.

If you are thinking of upgrading your turbo at a later stage or want to have the option of a torque curve that comes in early in the RPM range, then this is the clutch for you.

You may find your are buying this clutch later on and spending the money twice.

Billet steel flywheel option with our PDP upgraded crossover pipe shown below.



Ceramic Coated
OEM exhaust bellows
2 piece design with a V-band
2" mandrel bent vs factory 1.5"
Less bends than the factory pipe
More smoother & even air flow
Ideal when adding a performance chip

This Crossover Pipe fits the 2007 V8 through to the new My17 model Landcruiser.

It comes with 2 x new genuine gaskets & 6 x new genuine nuts.

Fitting instructions are included and can be fitted with the gearbox still in.

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