COMBO - PDP 70 series V8 Breathers & Fuel Filtration Kit

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Late model diesel common rails are sensitive to cheap/dirty fuel. For this reason this product is one of the first we recommend to fit to your vehicle. It is the primary defence against and a very cheap insurance against fuel contamination which could be in excess of $10,000 to repair.

Our fuel manager kit is also designed to carry 2 x waterproof lever lock circuit breakers to allow protected power supply to rear of vehicle. This is an added bonus only available at PDP. Also holes ready for automatic, resettable circuit breakers for fitment of electric brake controllers (Redarc).

  •  Designed to fit to the driver’s side of the vehicle to allow for dual battery setups
  • Support brackets made locally in WA from stainless steel
  • Suits 07 to current MY19 V8 Landcruiser single cab, dual cab, wagons or Troop carriers
  • Use ½ inch hose size
  • Dual braided hose with the extra external layer for rub resistance
  • EFI hose clamps for that guaranteed seal & no sucking air
  • Metric bolts as Toyota are all metric
  • High flow fittings
  • Designed and tested by PDP
  • 5 micron filter with a spare 30 micron filter also provided

No engine lights like other cheaper kits – some cheaper kits contain smaller hose and fittings which starve the system of fuel and cause engine lights to come on


Suits front & rear diff, front and rear locker motor (GXL) and also a breather for the gearbox/transfer case.

The gearbox, diffs and locker motors have breathers to allow for expansion and contraction. We have designed this kit for those who want to do water crossings or want insurance that they won’t get water contaminants. This is like a fuel filter kit – cheap insurance because if the locker motor seizes, it could cost over in excess of $1000 in repairs.

We have designed this to raise the breather location to the highest possible and serviceable position of the car. (The factory breather location is normally down low on the chassis which makes it hard to see is something if wrong before it’s too late)

  • Kit is custom designed for 70 series only by PDP
  • Made to fit our fuel manager kits
  • Only vehicle specific kit on the market
  • Also we breathe the diff locker motors



Standard height position of factory diff breathers: max wading depth is 700mm

PDP Diff breather height position: max wading depth on PDP is at least 1,100mm

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